is very, very transparent. Pairing camcorders with TV or PC speakers is a bit tricky. This allows you to hook up the PS2 or PS3 that you may have in addition to the standard TV or DVD players. The sound is really good, and I'm happy. This does extremely well in nullifying RFI and EMI interferences. Everything else CAN be misleading, incomplete, or irrelevant.". Not because they didn't think that battery power was superior, but because people didn't want to replace batteries every few years. That's where the theory falls flat on its face. ", Yet if we read reviews for these things, the reviewers will have had the product for weeks, even months in the system. These RCA cables are called Composite Cables. Why would we believe that they do any of the magical sounding stuff? I was the definition of a "skeptic". With all of the external power supplies out there there'd be battery replacement options being sold all over the place. HDMI cables may be the “Trendier” version of the two; yet, when it comes to connecting subwoofers with your “Car Audio System,”Component RCA is the order of the day. Don't waste my time! For some silly evolutionary reason, people want to hear continuous sounds. In good faith, I had to answer "no", and out of respect for him taking the time to make the trip, I decided to give him a "courtesy listen" in my system, absolutely certain that I wouldn't hear anything. These are significantly better than the “Silver” plates we commonly see. Not sure. As with so many other replies, your argument has simply begged the question. My ex-neighbor thought she saw ghosts every day. This is for 99.99% Pure Oxygen Free Copper Wire. We just assumed everything was playing correctly, especially since the bass sounded good even just from the Studio 100's. Yet, coaxial cables carry digital signals, not analog (More on this later). The power cord thing is clearly nonsense. I don't buy the reasoning that batteries don't last and that's why people won't buy battery systems. I believe you may actually mean to say that the manufacturer/distributor/dealer or even reviewer has not provided a scientific demonstration. I understand this is just fine with many audiophiles. Monster bass is muddy and messy and AudioQuest has a noticeable tight smooth bass. If I remember correctly, I’ve been saying all along that RCA cables are for simpler devices. On that same topic, PS Audio has a series (in progress) explaining at (nearly) 'street level' what a lot of that science means and why it matters. Now, maybe that' not the case. If you can't hear the differences in a blind test...that should be another indication that, like millions of people every day, your perception and interpretation of what is going on is in error. Does this validate the claims of homeopathy? (E.g. But at CES, AudioQuest's Garth Powell (right in photo, with AQ's Alex Brinkmann) was showing how changing just one cable in a system, the one connecting a Simaudio Moon CD player to a Niagara 700 power conditioner, could make or break the system's sound quality. Sure. I have a number of pairs of interconnects: Siltech Classic Anniversary 550, Furutech, Ortofon, and an early Stereovox iteration. I still await why I ought to take such inconstancy is something I should take seriously. But Blue Jeans Cable hits the sweet spot in price and quality. On top of that, each connector comes with a comfortable grip for easy plugging and unplugging. The quality of the cable is unmatched when it comes to the materials. But, what are the prospects of a conspiracy that every one every connected to the space industry from Sputnik and Space X is lying, and has an air-tight story covering up their lies? System and circuit measurements? It's not like the human detection system is necessarily more accurate. 1. Sometimes they actually listen to me. Often "little" changes yielded massive sonic benefits. Similar to Foamed-PE, it is nitrogen-injected to create air pockets. ...about a food or cigar testing, asking for measurements to prove that the best one was really better. (And if the change is gross enough, especially given the magnitude many reviewers state for power cords - bass and highs extension, tightening up, etc - shouldn't even room measurements show a difference in the signals with the high end power cords?). But, I'd say about 98% of the time it has been my pleasure to be of service to the audio enthusiast community. AudioQuest Wind $1995/1m This outstanding interconnect, part of the Elements Series that replaces Niagara, features AudioQuest’s top technologies, including Perfect-Surface Silver conductors, FEP Air-Tube insulation, an upgraded Noise-Dissipation System, the 72V Dielectric Bias System, and new plugs designed by AudioQuest. Homeopathy is widely derided by scientists, because there is plenty of scientific reasons to deride it. Yet, I couldn’t resist some of the best contenders towards the bottom of my list. • By selecting “MIX”, the low frequencies will play. I did it the night before leaving for CES and I've yet to have time to listen but I will! The attention to detail is something to be marveled at. Is it the right price? Both sides have been covered in a never ending discussion. As I suggested, hook up your speakers with a single fine starnd of copper wire, then do the same with a high end heavy gauge wire, please try it. None of those tests prove that the Veyron will get you to the grocery store any faster. Don’t think for a second that the cable won’t be able to deliver. Let's inject a little reality here. Better priced products come with better shielding and are prone to less of an interference when transmitting audio or video signals. Pasting ideas to a dart-board and playing darts?). It's not the cables, wire, food, jewels, etc... A Final Binaural Video Report from CES: DeVore, dCS, D'Agostino, CES: The First of 2 Binaural Video Reports, HiFiMan Sundara and Shangri-La Jr. Headphones, Genesis Advanced Technologies Maestro Loudspeaker, Viola Audio Laboratories Chorale Integrated Amplifier, Arcam HDA SA20 and SA10 Integrated Amps and CDS50 SACD/CD Player/Streamer, Triangle Art Maestro and Master Reference Turntables and TA-260 Amplifier, Emotiva XPA-DR and XPA Gen3 Series Modular Amplifiers, Revinylization #13: Tone Poet, Analogue Productions, ERC reissues, Analog Corner #290: The Haniwa LP Playback System, Gramophone Dreams #44: Audio-Technica, Goldring, LP Gear phono cartridges, Cambridge Audio CXA81 integrated amplifier, PS Audio Stellar M1200 monoblock power amplifier, Analog Corner # 305: Degritter record cleaner & Aidas Gala Gold LE cartridge, Acoustic Geometry Room treatments (before & after), My current and likely the last home audio setup, Fascinating wiev by Verity Audio Sarastro, Recommended Components: Fall 2020 Edition. I don’t plan on leaving you stranded. Why Bother with This Product: Let’s do a head count, you are getting cables (above average quality) and a splitter at a price below $10. You can play stereo sound with minimal distortion. I have my own opinions of the responses, as I'm sure you do. The MER measurement is barely affected. Manufacturers put in long hours to bring the signal loss to a minimum. The mega-buck cord is supposed to somehow fix the problem with the power coming from the wall. A for all practical purposes perfect battery system could be made and sold for a lot less than the more expensive power cords. Not nearly as challenging as an expensive power cord? At least cables transmit signals. There’s Gold plating done on 3.5mm jack. You can. Obviously you will be appealing to "it sounds different to me and other audiophiles.". This is a masterstroke on part of the manufacturers to come up with the idea. Do you have a response? It always seems odd that a company like Audioquest tells us they've identified a technical problem, appealing to forms of radiation etc that are measurable...and yet, as far as I know, they do not provide actual measurable results showing they have fixed the problem. Not only are they not supplied by the high end cable manufacturers who make a living selling the cables at incredible prices, even Stereophile doesn't bother measuring for these differences. Let me give you one of the best RCA cables that can connect your TV with three other devices. "I can't be hearing what I just heard", I thought. Better Cables RCA Interconnects use braided shielding. So, yeah, if you add it up, you can make a pretty decent battery based power system that could sell for the price of a moderately expensive power cord. It's all done with the standard demo patter or "try it in your system and judge with your ears. Listen to the camcorder recording? Part of that is certainly because the brain slash aural system is individual to each person, based probably on genetics (shape of your ear, for example) as well as learned responses. The shielding is thicker in case of the coaxial cable than it is for the RCAs. You often couldn't tell by taste if your meal is contaminated with a bacteria that causes food poisoning. If you want to go the extra mile when it comes to inter connectors, I would suggest getting AudioQuest. You won’t hear any sound if you are unable to reach and connect the other end with a speaker. People who take homeopathy, use healing crystals, etc think they experience obvious, repeatable results. You can pair VCRs or DVD players that are lying around your house. Or by Stereophile. (Google, again) In an nutshell, MER is kind of like the SNR (signal to noise ratio) that we are familiar with except that it also lumps in the effects of distortion within the channel, both non-linear and linear. But, also, like other hobbies, they like kicking around new ideas, and messing with "stuff". I don't know quite how to respond to those who have, in good faith, tried out premium cables and weren't happy with the result. It's highly unlikely that would be the case, since 1980, if AQ were selling only snake oil. I have not spent any money on higher end cables. The folks are AQ are the most genuine, authentic, committed to a better listening experience people I've even been around. What Do I Think: It’s pricy? the demo shown in the video). I can tell you this. While any crappy power cable can perform the necessary exchange of electrons, that's a mere fraction of what a power cable delivers to a system and there can be quite a lot of garbage induced/created by the power cable itself, or the design of it, that system will deal poorly with. That sounds pretty reasonable to me. At this day and age, you should find HDMI cables and devices that are compatible with it easily. People actually go out and spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars fixing these things. This is a well-rounded cable that has a nice price tag to be affordable. (Google, again). Not necessarily. It seems that reaching higher level of enjoyment when listening to music got demoted to a "minor" objective? Everyone who posted here says they hear a difference when they try different cables, and the rest are happy to discount differences between cables without actually trying them. Not sure. Still, even with all the problems I mentioned, you'd think that a more complete effort in offering best effort measurements would be made. It's interesting that when presented with an attempt to objectively measure the results of a power cord on a DAC, you've become very scientifically minded and skeptical. You haven't found it yet. However, the differences among the cables was so obvious and profound, there really was no point in coaching the listeners. It was just a PITA. What they don’t tell you is that they use low-price camcorders that have only one jack (a combination of video and audio). Don’t do it. Spending the money on the wrong thing, getting a plasma or a DLP would have been better spent instead of the cable. This is the retail industry. Monoprice is a good budget provide. I don't have measurements (and it wouldn't matter, since the subwoofer was not even playing). "Science" that begins and ends with pre-determined conclusions is not science. Personally I initially thought I heard a difference in the video of the demo. If your absurdly priced component can't pass this test, it's snake oil. Music is more engaging, emotional, and satisfying due to the genius of guys like William Low at Audioquest, and others. How hard could it be to have a two battery system that automatically switches back and forth, charging one while the other is in use? And, after many, many years of auditioning their goods and critical listening sessions with affordable products and price-no-object products, each "step" up their incremental price/performance ladder was sensible and reasonable. Given the quality of the existing one, I’d have liked a composite connector too! The shielding and wire materials cancel out any interference and any chance of a scratchy audio. Later in my career, we started dabbling with internal performance upgrades, due, in part from my friends at AudioQuest. And, we'd take what we learned from what happens between an amp and a speaker, for example, and apply the same thinking inside of a speaker, amplifier, or source component. Aeronautical Engineers can "prove" that the mass of the body, wing surface, and other factors when applied to known laws of physics and nature, conclude that a bumblebee can't fly. If a company claims they have identified a problem in the human immune system that their product will "fix," we would normally ask for good evidence; something that makes sense in light of what we know about the human body. If you like the sound, it then becomes a question of whether other people you share the system with like it, and its practicality within your environment and bank account. Just plug the cables in the splitter and you are done. FWIW, I'm not connected to AudioQuest and haven't heard their power cables. Co-written by the same guy that is designing the Iconoclast cables. And, sometimes there are those guys who's "antennas" are little more sensitive than most who really DO know the science behind their endeavors. It prevents rust from invading these cables. As a result, you might hear sound shattering. If only our ears worked like that. Then, there's the guy works with the end user -- the consumer, who is pretty sure what he heard was "real" trying to convey this to a potential customer with some degree of credibility. Best RCA Cables can do wonders for your old TV too! Call them “Old Relics” if you would. Or, if they really like you, they might just let you take some stuff home and mess around with it. Well, people complain about the signal quality of these cables when used with some old camera or camcorders. Let's do a theoretical test. the extent we actually want to understand what is going on in the world and why, to the extend we really want to know if a manufacturer's claims have a basis in reality, and to the extent we care whether we are paying lots of money for the pleasure of being b.s'ed into hearing the same sound we would have heard without spending lots of money...THEN we ought to be far more rigorous about how these claims are evaluated. Of course, one can pair speakers with amplifiers and video sources such as TVs, DVD Video Players, and even game consoles. Who tells you everything or anything that's important? LAST UPDATED: January 1, 2021 | by Tony Duke, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I never mentioned this to him (if he's happy, just let him be happy). Better Cables grabbed awards for the design and functionality in terms of delivering clear audio. These contribute to the good audio quality people receive with this wire. But this is only the “Tip” of the iceberg. I think is where my curiosity began as it related to stuff to make things sound better. Lead acid batteries suitable for this application typically have a lifetime of between 500 and 1000 charge cycles, if you treat them well. I haven’t had the Tara labs in long enough for a fair comparison. When I dealt with customers (I'm semi retired now) I always looked at "upgrades" in terms of percentage of improvement. I went into my receiver's settings and discovered the Bass Mix was set to "MIX" (which means only L&R will play the low frequencies). You are speaking of science, so you know about bias effects, correct? Case and point: Always make sure the cable is of sufficient length. We didn't touch the RMB-1075 that was powering the towers. Maybe not even then. people STILL report it sounding different when they think they are testing between two different objects. I've been into car audio for 26 years and home audio for about 20 years. Everything from hooking it up to storing it is easy. I've probably listened to the previous pair long enough that I can make that judgment quickly. For $5k you could get 50 years worth of batteries, maybe 500. Analysis? In order to really dig deep into the noise and get a good measurement, it's customary to average the MER for hundreds if not thousands of consecutive symbols. This little piece will serve as your beacon when it comes to finding these products and putting them to good use. No matter what brand of RCAs you use and how good the quality of the cable is, there’s no use if one end falls shortly after connecting to your TV. Thanks to all the people who make this happen. I dare some of you to try this! They connect the plug in the wall to a component Many times a "this might work" approach to a design yields something pretty monumental. I compared "stock" amplifier cables with AudioQuest's best. The difference between fresh and spoiled food is a physical difference. Or, the product may not work at all, at least a advertised. And now the new server sounds no different to me. Let me tell you, there’s no compatibility issue here. Further enhancing the durability of the RCA cable is the flexible PVA jacket. It’s easy to use with left and right connectors of any speaker or home theater system. The soft jacket on top makes for greater maneuverability when dealing with tight spaces. I'm not sure if there will ever be somebody to do research on the complex network we putting together in our Audio systems, but I'm convinced, there is a way to measure it.....we only still don't know how. (As well as Michael Fremer as a reviewer, and others). With 18-month warranty, this is a cable that’s foolproof in every way (except maybe natural calamities, those are extreme punishments). That’s not to say you can’t use it for just the audio. A good buy for the money. Wondering how to switch between the three devices you’ve paired till now? I can repeat tests, I can ask my other team members and they all can hear a similar difference. Cables for high resolution music sources such as high-end DACs, Amazon Music HD, Tidal, Qobuz and others. I can't recall a product that didn't fulfill it's intended purpose. I suspect one has to believe there will be a difference before one will hear a difference, and I've always had trouble believing there could be a difference on first principles. That's just history and can be researched pretty easily these days through the wonders of Google. The longest cable maintains supreme quality signal flow for its size as well. The composite cables do wonders when connecting your dad’s TV with amplifiers or the camcorders with the TV. You may have to shed as many as 30 bucks or more to get a quality cable. That's why you can see charts for choosing the appropriate cable for a system based on cable length/type of signal, etc. My knowledge dictates, Oxygen-free copper that’s used in conductors of this cable deliver top-notch audio and video performance due to minimal RFI and EMI disturbances. Just that it should be noticed that your replies, as well as the replies of most touting boutique AC cables, have so much in common with the character of those advocating the reliability of astrology, homoepathy, psychics, etc. Can’t I Just Use RCA Cables in Place of Coaxial Ones? What comes out of the wall that includes stuff that needs to be taken away could easily be replaced with a battery that doesn't have any of the bad stuff that comes out of the wall. Thanks for listening... HA! My perception of a hobby is something that brings you pleasure. I'm happy with how my system sounds. One on hand, the Cobalt draws power from the listening device, whereas the Mojo draws power from an internal battery which lasts for about 8 hou… Two possibilities - it doesn't actually make much of a difference and isn't worth the trouble, or it makes a difference but "audiophiles" who will spend hilarious amounts of money on stereo stuff aren't up to the task of getting new batteries every once in a while. Good RCA Cables have multiple layers that protect the cable’s insulation from outside damages and interference. The system model is not nearly as simple as some boxes with connections running between these boxes. These two aspects keep the cable connected even when people use an iPhone or an Android with a bulky case that tends to fall over. Something did't make sense to me. Sorry...I get you believe it...but you haven't given me any reason to actually believe you haven't fooled yourself. As an electrical engineer and audio enthusiast, I find these conversations amusing and entertaining. Why don't you go after that industry for the billions of dollars they're making from getting millions of people addicted? Make no mistake, this IS flexible and super handy when you are working with distance. (Aside from reliability questions) If you can't hear a difference or it sounds worse to you, you are a boob to purchase and use whatever it is. What is clear is that the cords didn't do what they said they would. I made it my career because I was blown away with how just realistic a musical performance could be conveyed in my Living Room. This allows the signal strength to be much higher than its competitors. If the purveyors of the AC cable claims could provide measurements showing obvious differences in the output of a sonic signal, as one could measure between two different foods, or two different recipes, or a ripe banana vs an unripe banana....then we wouldn't be having this debate. By complex modulation, I mean quadrature amplitude modulation or some of its variants such as OFDM and QPSK. Differentiating two parts is no problem with the common color scheme of red and white at each end denoting positive and negative leads. Yet, with the unique beveled shape and a Step-Down design, Mediabridge RCA cables (all three size options) stay connected to your devices. That's why you do the test. To further sweeten the deal, you get fabric sleeves that don’t go bad quickly. Just as many suppliers of various gear really, really want their products to work and for people to buy them, there's a large group of consumers out there who really, really want products not to work or to be frauds. When I mention that companies like Audioquest don't provide the type of measured evidence I'm talking about, and the fact even Stereophile doesn't bother measuring cables, a plausible reason for this is that measurements wouldn't support the claims made by the company. What I like about the brand is that it guarantees the quality we yearn for in RCA cables. Don't you find something rather odd about this situation? I get that. Are you familiar with the concept of "diminishing returns?" Read about variables- independent, dependent, and controlled, etc. But, those cost more and require larger charger systems. ...if you don't even do grade school level "science"? Most of the companies that made battery supplies available switched over to AC powering because their market wanted it. If enough explode, the MER drops by a fraction of a dB. Suppose I drag a bunch of test equipment home from work and find that some power cords (as one example) conduct varying amounts of common mode noise currents in the range of 100 KHz to 10 MHz. Thus, they are ideal fits for long distance pairing. Do you like the gear? If you use lead acid type batteries, they typically come in batteries of ~6 Volts and ~12 Volts. As the previous piece of wire on my list, this too comes with a gold plated connectors. These cables can power up anything from a music system to your car stereo. Even if us mortals can't quite grasp it. In this case, length of the cable (which I’ll get to in a moment) plays a key part. And, I was a believer in value of "better" cables. And they should be able to hand those cables over to other engineers - ones not selling the cables - who should be able to ratify the claims by repeating the measurements. But it does re-enforce that most people are unaware of the power of bias. At one point - you are producing everything in the signal and beyond that is gratuitous. If you have a preamp with an outboard power supply why not replace it with a battery system for a fraction of that $10,000 rather than spend $10,000 on a cord that is supposed to fix the power coming from the wall. Regarding video recordings of stereo systems: It's always amazed me that the sound from a video camcorder, or even a smart phone, can capture some degree of the sound of a stereo system. In a way that relies on only what you can hear, not with what you can see. Then, become familiar with the people at a reputable audio retailer with a decent amount of good gear on hand. That doesn't establish that what you heard in changing speaker cables wasn't real. It wouldn't be that expensive to do. This was not a true double-blind test because both of us knew the cord had been swapped, but it is blind in the fact that neither of us had confirmed the sub playing in the first place, nor confirmed the receiver's settings. Silver coated conductors ensure good output of audio and video signals. Or, if we did, can we accurately connect the dots to arrive at something definitive? One of those cases is the imaging. It's just a cord. Where are these measurements? But be careful in putting more money into the purchase. I do believe that cables affect everything they touch.
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