1- Check that the battery(s) have water in them. WARNING 2: If replacing a blown fuse or resetting a kicked breaker doesn’t fix the problem, you should seriously consider backing off and calling your RV manufacturer's Service Center for advice before doing anything else. Prepare one gallon of solution for every 15 gallons of tank capacity. And along with these devices comes complicated electrical control and protection circuitry designed to protect the RV and its occupants. Disc brake rotors 1 month ago - Parts & Misc - Port Huron, MI. Cold you have a ground problem? Use a multimeter to check the voltage across the terminals of your COACH battery and it should read around 13.5-VDC if the battery is charged, or around 14.5-VDC if it is being charged by your Converter. An electrical component that stores electrical energy, with a specific storage capacity. Also, 1-disconect the RV and see if just having the cable connected works, then 2- turn OFF all of your AC-Viltage breakers, including the MAIN, and then try to run the gen with the RV connected. Like a regular circuit breaker, the GFCB "throws" itself off when the current through it exceeds its designed current limit. Look for signs of deterioration such as cracks or loss of flexibility. I replace the fuses in the main panel, but wasn't sure if there was added protection? Some equipment described in this manual may not apply to your RV. You can so some simple investigation of the 12-volt system yourself, for example: If you can find nothing wrong here, you may have a bad converter that needs to be replaced; this is a job for the service center. then 3-chek inside the RV, near the external power connector and examine where the GROUND and COMMON are connected to the chassis. First, check your neutral wires to a good ground. A quick guide to troubleshooting RV furnace problems. But then we had a cloudy day and noticed the lights were going dim and the low voltage alarm went off so the batteries must not be charging from the 30 Amp RV plug. How do I find a short in these wires that run willy nilly with different color wires? One other RV heater troubleshooting tip is: check the thermocouple. It is your unconditionally own mature to put-on reviewing habit. Or it could be just some slight induced current in your RV cable.I can say that I have had the same problem with my motorhome and my house GFCI circuit and I replaced the GFCI receptacle itself. 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Main StreetMiddlebury, IN 46540Phone: 574-825-5861, © 2021 Jayco, Inc. It will be a lot simpler to get that battery in there and running than wiring in a 12-VDC power supply. My assumption is that you are using a standard RV external power cord and that no one has rewired anything inside your RV???? When winter arrives, most service calls I get are for RV furnace problems. Jayco, Inc. Attn: Owner Relations 903 S. Main Street Middlebury, IN 46540 Phone: 800-283-8267 Fax: 574-825-0679 . 2- If the fuse is not the problem, then you need to turn OFF everything in your ToyHauler area that operates on 12-VDC, and see if the fuse still blows. By the Way, your fuses in your RV are for your 12-VDC circuits only, while your AC Breakers are for your AC Appliances and equipment. There is a 15 amp fuse coming off the battery(its the only one I can find) it was blown but I replaced and it hasn't blown again. See what was the most effective! Motorhomes, Utility Vehicle user manuals, operating guides & specifications Standard automotive fuses are color-coded according to their current rating; below is a short list for your reference. Admittedly, intrmittent problems can be tough to find the cause, but this is the best I can dfo for you without being there and examining your RV electrical system myself. If it does, then the problem is definitely in your RV wiring. A multimeter (see below) should show the voltage between the battery terminals between 13.4 and 14.5 volts DC; if not, the battery may be worn out and need replacement, or it may be low on water, or the converter may not be giving it any power. I have a 2019 Forest River Stealth toy hauler and recently, my bedroom lights , one on a switch and one push button stopped working. I am thinking I have a short in some of the wiring for the awning and lights. Even a novice can learn how to inspect for problems, and determine if the problem is major or minor. If you have one, use a multimeter to measure the campsite voltage. Next, on those really HOT days, you should take precautions to only use your necessary appliances and make sure you unplug the things that are not necessary during the peak periods of heat during the day. Question: I have no 12 V when the motor does turn and I am not connected to 120 V AC. Larry - Before you go any further, make sure your RV's COACH battery is fully charged because your temperature control panel is powered by your 12-VDC. Site Map   |   Can you help. Current can be calculated using the formula I = V/R, that is, current equals voltage divided by resistance. You should first check that the engine batery(s) is fully charged, and then go to your fuse panel under your hood. Any ideas? Answer: I would first reset the breakers in the campsite power panel. Check that all of th fuses are good and if they are, then you should get a multimeter and measure that you have voltage to the fuse panel and also out of each fuse. How do I know which circuit breaker to shut off? On the newer Class-B+ motorhomes you can normally find the fuse box, relays and control equipment mounted in the cabinets. Older RVs tend to have fuses; newer ones, breakers. Answer: The safest thing to do is to turn OFF your MAIN breaker thus making sure ALL AC power to your RV interior is disabled. I have had the batteries tested, they tested good, I replaced the convertor with a brand new on. Answer: You didn't say but I assume that your trailer is wired for the standard 30-Amp service. The Jayco trailer is like any other RV, with all the amenities one needs for camping. This past weekend, all 3 lights started working and now they have stopped again. Check the following; 1- do the Coach batteries have water in them? For example: 1 uF means one micro-farad, a millionth of a farad. Your Tank Level display also operates on 12-VDC which indicate th battery or Converter? I have a 1995 tioga c class, all lights were fine 2 weeks ago , but now certain section the lights do not work, fan in bathroom does ot work and hot water tank is a no go . If it does operate on propane then the 110-VAC is most likely missing. One million. I would check that the wires at the pump are still connected? Or, 2- it has two 12-VDC batteries for each function. And you should also contct your insurance company about what they recommend. This can happen with an old battery, or when you haven't checked the water level in the battery. while driving it yesterday, the engine went dead. The main and auxiliary batteries are ok. I recently purchased a 1999 Fleetwood RV. Here is a list of electrical terms and abbreviations, along with a list of color codes for resistors. If you have a blown fuse, replace it with a fuse of the same rating, NEVER a higher-rated fuse. The next question would be; did you check if the campsite you moved to actually has power at the connectors and that the breakers on the power pole? Get those batteries operating properly and your problems will likely go away. Select a Year 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 0 Because of these risks, the RV will have breakers or fuses to shut off power if anything goes wrong: Troubleshooting often begins, and may well end, with resetting a breaker, replacing a fuse, or resetting a Ground Fault Indicator, and then seeing what happens. Be sure to inspect the hose before each season and when having the tank refilled. Volt, the measure of electrical potential. A long shot is that, considering the age of your RV, there is a loose wire on one of your water pump control switches to ground. Complete Newbie - Welcome to the world of RV travel. 2 leisure batteries in the back and a starter battery underneath the drivers seat. All electrical worked well until recently. Rev: 01.30.2015 Page 9 Lippert In-Wall Troubleshooting Guide Gear Rack Visual Inspections Measurements 1. We took it out of storage and connected the 2 batteries and we have no power. Hope this sheds some light on the mysterious jayco winch lift system. Question: I just installed new LED lights in my Coleman/Fleetwood Westlake pop-up camper. Then you should check the voltage at the campsite; or call the campground office and have them come down and check their campsite power box. Fuses were blown on devices within the rv that run on the DC current. This manual has been provided by Jayco, Inc. for the sole purpose of providing instructions concerning the operation and maintenance of this vehicle and its components. If the fuse still blows, with everything OFF, then you most likely have a short in your wiring harness somewhere. Owner's Dispute Resolution Program. Susan Wallace - Your symptoms are sparce, but because you mention that your camper batteries (ie. User manuals, Jayco Motorhomes Operating guides and Service manuals. Everything works on the unit, and I don't have any electrical issues. Both of my batteries are bad in my camper but i am plugged into the house where i am staying. Considering you have no other problems, and that the light affected operates with its manual switch, I would go to my DC Fuse panel cnd check for a blown fuse. When replacing the hose or other propane components, make sure to always replace them with components of the same type and rating (check with your dealer). Answer: To answer your last question first; No, the 12-Volt system in your Rv should not cause your Main Breaker to kick Off. AC power comes into the RV from your generator, or from the campground or other outlet you plug it into: a 20-amp, 30-amp, or 50-amp supply. RV Electrical Systems: A Basic Guide to Troubleshooting, Repairing and Question: We purchased a 2003 RV. 7th order by Michael from QLD. The converter itself has a fuse or two, often on the front. Should you be unable to find a dealer in your local area, contact our Customer Service Department at 877-825-4782 or 219-825-0608. You can do a camshaft position sensor test using a digital multimeter at home and, if necessary, using a few common tools. Your RV has a Converter which is designed to keep your batteries charged, but NOT to apply so much voltage that a bettry would boil. Does your engine have a 110-VAC heater coil built in? By belonging to the Jayco Travel Club, you will find new ways to enjoy your RV and make friends all across the country. We also offer our customers Carado and Hymer Class-B Vans, as well as parts, service, and financing Always make sure your battery has water in it and is fully charged. Or are you saying your Fiver is plugged into 30-Amp breakers in the building next door? Question: Everything works except the starter will not turn over. The voltage in your home is AC voltage, in the US typically 115V AC. HELP GUIDE FAQs and Troubleshooting . 4.3 out of 5 stars 93. Divide the number of watts by 120 (the AC voltage), and the result, in amps, is the maximum rating of the appliance for current. We had it plugged in at home, and the fridge was extremely cold. Your campground management should be providing safe power at the level they advertise, whether 30 amps or 50 amps; that is their responsibility. One problem that occurs often is that the jack can become jammed. No fuses are blown nor are any breakers. Before you start opening panels and messing around with electrical systems, in an RV or camper or at home, observe these warnings. 3- If it doesn't blow, then turn on your equipment, one at a time and determine which equipment is blowing the fuse. 13 and 14). Have you herd of this is there possibly something that we are missing? But, it also powers the step, the power awning, the exterior spotlights and running lights. Check the voltage across the COACH battery terminals. Any suggestions on what to check? But please, again, do not mess with any wiring unless you are sure of what you are doing. They are too dangerous, especially when they involve AC power or propane. So, check your external power cable contacts for any buildup and clean them back to shiny metal. With the symptoms, you described these checks should find your problem. Do you have any suggestions? You can make a profit of $1000 or more on a car if you know what to look for and how to drive down the price when buying. This manual has been provided by Jayco, Inc. for the sole purpose of providing instructions concerning the operation and maintenance of this vehicle and its components. At the generator make sure the connections are tight, and there is no oxidation at the terminals. jayco factory2017 jayco jay flight manual jayco troubleshooting guide jayco brochure archive 2015 jayco jay flight owners manual 2019 jayco jay flight manual jayco wiring schematic jayco trailers View and Download Jayco Eagle 264 BH owner's manual online. 2- Diesel motorhome engines are very high compression motors, and it takes a lot of currents to turn them over. Well, the Microwave operates on your 110-VAC and the clock is internal to the microwave so if the microwave operates, then so should your clock. Everyone in the campground is having the same issues. Question: After returning from a weekend trip where everything went great, I plug in my camper to the outlet at home and it trips the GFI breaker. If not then you may have a bad breaker that needs replafing. A typical pair of coach batteries that you might find on an RV, and their connections. Tap the Main screen icon to return to the CONTROLLER main screen 2. Answer: You can be suffering from a number of small problems that are adding up on you on hot days. GPS technology has revolutionized many aspects of life, especially navigation and travel. When the roof lift system fails, the problem is usually a broken cable or … Be sure it is clear of any spider webs or insect nests. Nothing in this manual creates any warranty, either expressed or implied. It is evening now, and nowhere is open. Your Air Conditioner will age and eventually, it will draw several AMPS more current to start up and to run, so keep the air filter clean and you could even get up on the roof and clean the coils for better airflow. This is the top problem for most RV's with interior electrical equipment. This power control panel requires that your 12-VDC be good to operate properly. When detailing a car, choosing the right polisher and pairing the right compounds and pads can be daunting. RoadTrek Owners Manuals. I just purchased a champion generator inverter for my pull behind camper. And, many older portable generators do not have a GFCI protected output. A side to side leveling sequence occurs. because you may use the step or the entrance light while traveling and making occasional stops, as well as while in campsites and not hooked up. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Jayco RVs products. Easily find Jayco travel trailers, fifth wheels and campers at one of our three locations in Silverdale, Seqium or Puyallup. $79,500 1 . What is the problem? Our residential refrigerator, out TV’s all stay on during the outages. Take a second to ensure that the amplifier switch is still in the on position. So, every few days, you must plug your camper into a 110-VAC source and recharge your COACH batteries. Measure from the outside edge of the column to the face of the gear rack (Fig. The battery power switch is on, we've run the generator successfully and all the other electric works (AC, water pump, water heater), and we have checked the fuses which all look good. If the GFI detects a problem, the GFI-equipped receptacle will shut itself off, often along with several other "slave" receptacles. All other systems and appliances work. Rey in Colorado. You could purchase one that does not react fast enough to protect your RV equipment. The interior lights, fridge, water pump and electric thermostat do not work. I recommend that you take pictures of the wiring and contact the THOR customer service and demand that they fix this problem. Duo Therm Heat pump changed to Penguin Heat pump. So, I would suspect your battery and then if it is OK, the Converter. Do you have any idea what is wrong? These two things are the most likely causes of your problem. First, on an older Rv, you must always keep the AUX batteries fully charged. And it now looks like it does it most often when the water heater is turned on. We have 12 volts when the power is off at the thermostat but 6 when it's on. Print. The battery reads at the highest level on the test level lights. With all of this being said, I ope you can deduce what your real problem is. Learn how to do some very basic troubleshooting on your RV. Question: I have 2016 Flagstaff Classic Super Lite, and the Water Pump switch will not turn off. It's strange but from your symptoms with everything working great when on Generator power, and with the lights not working when on Shore power, I would suspect that either one of your breakers in your campsite power box is OFF, or your power supplied by the Shore campsite panel is really low. Example: 1 pF means one picofarad, a trillionth of a farad. The old wasn't cooling. Your slide also operates on your COACH battery, and if the fuses are good in your interior 12-VDC fuse panel then you can also make sure you have your AUX Cut-Off switch in the right position. A capacitor often has a polarity and must be installed properly. A modern RV contains a lot of built-in electrical devices. These batteries power such things as; your interior lights, your 2-Way Fridge control ciruit board, your alarms, your tenperature control panel, and your power management panel. Renegade Owners Manuals. A device that is designed to destroy itself or "blow" when the current that passes through it exceeds its designed current limit. I then took both batteries to O’Reillys to have them tested and they both came back as good batteries. Answer: This kind of problem that occurs often when your COACH batteries are not holding a charge and you are normally running on your Converter. Question: My son has a travel trailer that the breaker keeps popping in it. Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on August 13, 2020: Anthony - The first problem to look at is the fuse that keeps blowing. Add your own questions and comments. I have a 2006 tifften allegro bay and all the lights work from there swiches but not the swich as you enter the rv. He is in an RV park. Hi I have put a 33 gallon fish tank in my fifth I am hooked up to 30 amp breakers are not going in my fifth but in the breaker box in the building next door all hooked up to the same power source could u help me please.
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